About Ana

Administrative Professional

I have worked in a wide range of organizations as an administrative professional — from Fortune 500 companies to small, nonprofit arts organizations. Always setting and raising the standard, I am proud to say that I elevate individual performance, integrate team strengths, and inspire leaders to reach for loftier goals.

When getting a job done, I bring a wide range of traditional, unconventional, and cutting-edge approaches and techniques for helping people perform, grow, and shine. I customize the approach each person, team, or organization needs. Importantly, I assess and adjust as the situation evolves.

As a facilitator and coach, I look to inspire people to explore their growing edge. I help people understand themselves and one another by guiding them to articulate their strengths and personal philosophies, then translate them into action.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance and Comparative Literature from Hamilton College and a graduate certification in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis from the Integrated Movement Studies program at the University of Utah-Salt Lake City. I am also certifed by the Kozai Group as an Intercultural Effectiveness Scale administrator and coach, by Portland State University as a project manager, and by Art of Hosting as a facilitator. For over twenty years I was also a semi-professional modern dance performer, teacher, and private coach.

I am first-generation Dominican-American, and I’m bilingual in Spanish and English. Having lived all over the United States, I am adept at connecting with people of different cultures and interests. Given my liberal arts background and my dedication to lifelong learning, I am well-read and enjoy all forms of art — one of my favorite places in the Twin Cities is the Minneapolis Institute of Art.


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Editing & Proofreading, Translation, Typography & Information Design, Process Design, Project Management