Always Narrating: The Making and Unmaking of Umberto Eco Medieval Reads: The Rebel Angels, by Robertson Davies Turandot and the deep Indo-European roots of “daughter” What causes an ice age to end? With Hot Rats, Frank Zappa moved to L.A.

COVID-19 Edition (Vol 2) CDC: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) COVID-19/Coronavirus Real Time Updates With Credible Sources in US and Canada Flatten the curve: These guidelines are intended to help Flatten the Curve with the COVID-19 outbreak, to help limit spread

COVID-19 Edition (Vol 1) CDC: When and How to Wash Your Hands Coronavirus’s Genetics Reveal its Global Travels How the Coronavirus Revealed Authoritarianism’s Fatal Flaw: China’s use of surveillance and censorship makes it harder for Xi Jinping to know what’s