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COVID-19 Edition (Vol 2) CDC: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) COVID-19/Coronavirus Real Time Updates With Credible Sources in US and Canada Flatten the curve: These guidelines are intended to help Flatten the Curve with the COVID-19 outbreak, to help limit spread

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I hear so much about how we are a divided nation. That’s not what I see. I see a nation that is pitching a fit like an indulged child trying to hold the household hostage through ultimatum: “I get exactly

Why Some Job Interviews are Downright Weird Ghosts, Sea Gulls, and Incompetents: How to Deal With Bad Bosses Mitigating Malicious Envy: Why Successful Individuals Should Reveal Their Failures (Harvard Business School; PDF) When a New Colleague Sees Showing Up as

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Caffeine has been a boon for civilization, Michael Pollan says. But it has come at a cost. ‘The intelligence coup of the century’: For decades, the CIA read the encrypted communications of allies and adversaries. Stephen Joyce Dies at 87;

George Steiner, Prodigious Literary Critic, Dies at 90 Cities Are Cutting the Salt from their Winter Road Diets No One Can Explain Why Planes Stay In The Air: Do recent explanations solve the mysteries of aerodynamic lift? ‘Deaf’ Beethoven was

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